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PADHAM– an acronym for Prevention for Amputation in Diabetics, Health Awareness and Management- is an initiative to spread the awareness about Health Management among the common public and about Diabetes- in particular. PADHAM trust was launched in 2000 and has been active in the field of health service since then.

PADHAM Trust was started with a mission- Amputation Free millennium and total health awareness in the community.


A primary offset of PADHAM trust is the nonprofit-oriented newspaper- PADHAM HEALTH NEWS which is circulated free of cost every month. The newspaper is circulated every month and is available at all leading hospitals in the city, pharmacies and diagnostic centres in Chennai. Articles about Health Management and associated health problems by leading consultants and pioneers in the field along with various health-related news events are featured in the newspaper. New health products, popular medical terms, and health quizzes have been widely appreciated columns in the newspaper over the years.

And just like every other good change in the world, PADHAM Health News has migrated into the digital medium- where readers can read our articles on women’s health, children’s health, summer care, diabetes, mental health, senior citizens care and lots more on this website.

Also, following repeated requests from readers, articles from the newspaper have been compiled into useful and easy-to-preserve books, titled PADHAM HEALTH GUIDE. 27 volumes of this Guide have been published with the first 3 volumes priced at Rs.100 each and 24 small- pocket guides priced at Rs.20 each.

Feel free to post your comments and keep watching this space for more useful and interesting health articles!

Prof G Sivakumar

Prof G Sivakumar

Head Of Operations, PADHAM Trust

Prof G Sivakumar, is a Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon, and Former Professor and Head of the Department of Surgery Madras Medical College is a commended academician. He has authored many scientific papers and medical textbooks. His expert take on medical and surgical topics can be found in Prof GS Corner and Students' Section on this website. 

Chitra Sivakumar

Chitra Sivakumar

CEO, PADHAM Trust | Chief Editor

Chitra Sivakumar, a senior Journalist with over 3 decades of experience in the writing field launched PADHAM to help break the barriers between complex medical terms and the layman to help spread better awareness.

Janani S Koushik

Janani S Koushik

Web Designer | Content Developer

Janani is a software engineer-turned-writer. Believes in making good health the mantra for the gen-next. At PADHAM, Janani heads the Creative Designing of this website that promises you good health tomorrow.