Easy Ways To Relieve Stress & Lead A Happy Life

Stress and anger often go hand-in-hand, and unresolved feelings of anger can be tremendous sources of stress in all aspects of life . A stress-free life is next to impossible and unrealistic too. The goal should be the ideal management of stress and not run away from it. Converting unhealthy stress into healthy stress is the secret.

There are varying degrees and many different kinds of stress that we experience daily. Whether it is mental, emotional or physical, they all have some kind of impact on us. Sometimes good, sometimes harmful, with the right tools, it is easier to work with stress on a daily basis than to turn our backs on the opportunity to gain awareness and insight into how we can maintain harmony and equilibrium when under stress.

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Stress is an attack on the body. The body registers stress as an invasion whether it be physical or emotional stress. This sudden stress-attack sets off an internal alarm in the body where the nervous system sends out an SOS. Chemical messengers, hormones, are quickly sent into action to prepare the body to deal with the emergency. Blood vessels contract, breathing speeds up and changes occur to help us meet the situation. While excitement, which also induces stress, peps you up and creates a healthy relaxation, anger, fear, and negative tension drains the body of energy and creates relaxation out of exhaustion and fatigue.

Few tips for relieving mental stress:

  1. Listen to your body and your feelings- Acknowledge them, don’t judge them. They can tell you when you need some relief.
  2. Know your limit- Don’t take on too much. Delegate and share responsibilities. Ask for help!
  3. Balance work with play- Play will help you go back to your work with a fresh sense of creativity and energy.
  4. Do nothing- Take time to be in the quiet-the stillness. Even five minutes a day of sitting in stillness can help re-energize.
  5. Get plenty of sleep and rest- Naps are very therapeutic. A quick 15-minute nap in the middle of your day can revitalize you.
  6. Don’t hold onto physical tensions and mental worries- Create a place such as a box where you can place your mental tension and worries. You can always go get it if you want to! Warm baths are an effective way to release physical tension.
  7. Talk out your frustrations and troubles – A grief or a problem shared is halved.
  8. Step out of it- When you feel cornered or blocked, step out and get away from it all. Take a walk. Go to a movie. Trust that you’ll gain clarity and insight once being away.
  9. Accept what you cannot change immediately- Know that some things take time. Be patient and stay focused on how you would like things to be. Over time, all things can change.
  10. Be willing to seek professional help- Persistent physical illness, constant mental turmoil around an issue, lack of energy and zest for living may mean you need professional help. Keep in mind that what you need is someone to help you find a better way. You deserve to live fully, feel the best that you can.