Ladies- This Is The One Thing That Determines Your Life Span

Women- your mom’s health determines not just your reproductive health, greying of hair and skin care routines. A new study by Age and Ageing journal has suggested how women whose mother’s have lived up to / or more than the age of 90 have an increased life span probability that with a reduced risk of illnesses such as diabetes, cancer or related heart diseases.

This study showed a higher probability of women living up to over 90 years based on their mother’s health and longevity and the father’s health or long life had no profound impact on the life span of the daughter, finds the study. More than 22,000 postmenopausal women were studied as a part of this study and the results are as below.

Here’s what the study reveals:

  • If the mom lived more than 90 years, the chances of the daughter living a long life were increased by 25%, without serious disabilities or chronic illnesses.
  • If both the mother and the father lived up to 90 years, the chances of the daughter living a long life went up by 38%.
  • The study takes into assumption that a combination of genetics, environment and behaviours passed to subsequent generations may influence ageing outcomes among offspring.

This means the impact of the environment on your upbringing aids in the traits being carried forwards through genes as well- such as a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food habits.

Another research earlier this year showed how mom, with regard to certain lifestyle precautions, could help decrease the chances of their child being diagnosed with obesity. It included eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body weight, drinking alcohol in moderation, and not smoking.

Another study published in the Age & Ageing Journal also suggested how parental longevity influenced their offspring’s cognition and lowers the risk of dementia in their later years.



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