Staying Healthy In The Times Of Social Distancing

Our lives have taken a rapid change of turn in the past few weeks- especially in India. From cutting down on our visits outside to coming to a grinding halt and staying put in our homes- the Coronavirus outbreak has ensured we come up with new ideas to practise social distancing at its best.

Agreed- eating out or eating outside food has gone down among the general public- but with us staying indoors- are we doing enough to eat right and stay healthy? Or is being confined to indoors making us sluggish?

Exercise and good health go hand-in-hand. You don’t have to hit the gym to work out or stay healthy. There are a number of exercises you can try to do at home and stay agile and healthy. More on this later on Padham Health News very shortly.

WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has been the poster face of WHO for COVID-19 has made some valid suggestions over the past weeks From insisting why we need to test our public more to prevent community transmission to advising the youth to not take this for granted and practise social distancing the right way- he has said it all. In a recent tweet yesterday, he mentioned why we need to focus on eating right and avoiding certain mistakes to stay healthy.

Here’s what he suggested to stay #HealthyAtHome:

1. Eat a healthy & nutritious diet, which helps your immune system to function properly.

2. Limit your alcohol consumption & avoid sugary drinks.

3. Don’t smoke. Smoking can increase your risk of developing severe diseases if you become infected with #COVID19.

4. Exercise. WHO recommends 30 minutes of physical activity for adults, and 1h/day for children.

5. Look after your #mentalhealth. It’s normal to feel stressed, confused and scared during a crisis. Talking to people you know and trust can help.

Use this time wisely, folks. Staying at home isn’t as difficult as you imagine or crib about. There are medical service professionals who are taking serious risks to help try and save the community. And as socially responsible citizens the only thing that is expected from us is to practise social distancing. Are we ready to do it?

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