General Summer Care

Common ENT Problems In Summer

On what’s right and what’s not during the summer


Is Weight Loss Surgery A Treatment Option For Diabetes?

Are all candidates with type 2 diabetes candidates for bariatric surgery?

Mental Health

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder And Associated Risk Factors

The risk factors behind OCD you ought to know.


How To Stay Healthy & Disease-Free During Monsoons?

The rains are over- but what about the diseases?

Children Prof GS Corner Summer Care

 Is Constipation In Children Common in Summer?

Last updated on June 7th, 2020 at 12:33 pmThe word constipation is derived from the Latin word ‘constipare’, meaning to crowd together. The term constipation includes a wide range of symptoms and signs. Studies have shown poor consumption of fluids as the second independent risk factor. These results support the observation that constipation is a […]


Keep Your Children Safe From The Toxic Effects Of Air Pollution

Useful tips to combat air pollution that affects children.

Prof GS Corner

Dengue Fever & How It Impacts Your Platelet Levels

Know all about the platelet levels and what they actually mean.

Women's Wellness

Sleep Disorders & Insomnia In Menopausal Women

By Dr. N. Ramakrishnan Postmenopausal years & insomnia: In the years following menopause, sleep grows lighter and more fragmented. It becomes more difficult to maintain long hours of uninterrupted sleep and to maintain long hours of wakefulness during the day. An increase in daytime fatigue can be one result. Other physical factors can also disturb […]

General Mental Health

What Your Facebook Timeline Can Reveal About Your Health

Last updated on June 23rd, 2019 at 04:47 amAt a time when you thought posting on social media could pose security and privacy issues, here is a breather. A recent study published at PLOS ONE has shown that the language you use in your Facebook posts can help determine your overall health and well being. […]


How Yoga And Lifestyle Are Interdependant

Medicines are not always the cure for illness. Sometimes, it needs a change in lifestyle.