Tanker Foundation & Rotory Club Inaugurate Subsidised Dialysis Unit At Vellore

Rotary Club of Vellore Fort has commissioned a subsidised Dialysis Centre which will be run by TANKER Foundation at their Vellore Fort Polio Transition School. The Rotary International Foundation has donated 8 machines and the members of the RCVF have supported the project by funding the complete infrastructure cost of Rs.1.30 crores. TANKER Foundation was established in 1993 for serving the underprivileged with kidney ailments. TANKER Foundation has meaningfully contributed to healthcare, research, training, creating awareness, conduct medical camps for early detection and advocacy connected to kidney disease.

The unit was inaugurated in June by Mr. P. Karthikeyan, MLA Vellore Constituency.Dr.Georgi Abraham Founder Trustee, TANKER Foundation said that 14440 people get kidney failure every year in Tamilnadu and only 10% have access to treatment.So the wonderful efforts of Rotary Club of Vellore Fort would be of great benefit to help the needy in and around Vellore.Mrs.Latha Kumaraswami,Managing Trustee,TANKER Foundation gave an update about TANKER and how they had started with Rs.3000 in June 1993 and had grown- today with 6 dialysis units, with the help of family, well-wishers and several Rotary Clubs,Ambattur Rotary Club,Rotary Club of Madras East,Rotary Club of Madras West to name a few. RCVF Project Director Mr.Sridhar said that it was long term dream of the club to open a dialysis unit and that all members had spontaneously come forward to make up the matching amount to complete the project.Rotary Governor Mr. Nagoji and past Rotary Governor C.R Raju spoke on the occasion.

About Tanker Foundation: 

With 23 years of experience behind them, TANKER Foundation has provided 209,335 free and subsidised dialysis for 1009 patients, till May this year. They have also given financial support of Rs. 128 Lakhs to 2758 patients as one-time contributions ranging from Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- for transplantation, medication, investigation and fistula surgery costs. Almost 2.5 lakh people die of kidney failure in India every year. It is the third largest killer after malignancy and heart disease.

Along with helping our patients, spreading the word about kidney disease is equally important to TANKER. They have reached out to more than 1.20 lakh people with the 786 Awareness Programmes we conducted at schools, colleges, law enforcement offices and public forums. They have also screened 25,000 individuals for early detection of kidney disease through our 257 screening camps. As the field of research in kidney diseases requires more attention and guidance in India, TANKER also gives awards for research in Nephrology and Service to the tune of Rs. 7 lakhs every year.