The Dos And Don’ts For Senior Citizens

To Avoid Trips And Falls

What you should do:

  1. While walking, look down, straight and sideways and be aware of obstacles.
  2. For walking exercise, wear canvass shoes. Use shoes, for a walk or journey outside the home. Inside the home use soft slippers.
  3. Use rails/hand grips in the wet areas (toilet and bathroom) and walk ways (staircase, bus, etc.). use western type commodes.
  4. Seek assistance to lift/pull/push heavy items (bucket full of water, table, 2 wheeler).
  5. Lie on the side first and turn comfortably to lie down/to get up from the bed or from the exercise floor.
  6. Keep your monitor/TV at the straight eye level and be kind to your eyes/body.
  7. Adhere to correct posture.
  8. Sit/lean against the support and wear your dress.
  9. Listen to your body and mind and limit your work.
  10. Learn and do simple physical exercise (for eyes, neck, shoulder, hip, knees and ankle), breathing exercise and yoga.

What you shouldn’t do:

  1. Don’t get absorbed with thought away from the surrounding and don’t get injured from trip/fall/dash, in a hurry.
  2. Don’t use any foot wear made of PVC.  Do not slip and get hurt with “toe exposed” type of footwear.
  3. Don’t neglect to fit and use hand grips in the toilet/bathroom/walk way.  Avoid using Indian style commode.
  4. Do not attempt to draw heavy things, since a jerk is sufficient to cause discomfort/injury.
  5. Do not use cushioned bed/furniture and do not try to get up without support.
  6. Do not forget that the prolonged view/work at other than eye level is the root cause of neck/back/eye pain.
  7. Do not get habituated to use the furniture/facilities which aid wrong postures.
  8. Don’t be in a hurry while dressing up.
  9. Don’t make yourself exhausted by overdoing, over anxious or over enthusiastic.
  10. Don’t undertake self-learning and get into wrong practice (dangerous).


Public Etiquette

What you should do:

  1. Remember your attire speaks before you open your mouth. Smart dress enhances your personality.  Age is no bar to any occasion.
  2. Bear in mind the vast difference of glamour, affluence from simple wear, be it jewels or dress. Simplicity is elegant, real and permanent.
  3. Be aware of skin diseases, use natural home products (eg. Green gram flour to wash your hair).
  4. Be brief to the point and be definite in your conservation and public speech.
  5. Be clear and modest to ask for assistance.
  6. Follow etiquette / manners in all circumstances (eg. Punctuality)
  7. Apologize for forced lapses or accidental lapses
  8. Ensure a warm hand shake and exchange pleasantries, with all age groups of both sex, whether known or unknown.
  9. Wisdom and knowledge is superior the intellect.
  10. Appreciate the good points openly and publicity. Your stature rises.

What you shouldn’t do:

  1. Do not brush aside the importance of neatly-pressed wear, even if your stay indoor. Do not fail to command respect by weaving to suit the occasion
  2. Don’t be jealous of somebody looking beautiful / handsome
  3. Do not get carried away by the ease in using. Do not use a synthetic chemical product (eg. Hair dye) Bad odour keeps away your friends.
  4. Don’t repeat and mess up. Jot it down in your mind or on a piece of paper
  5. Do not command or hesitate to let others know your requirement.
  6. Don’t be hasty selfish and don’t brush aside good habits under any circumstances.
  7. Don’t be too harsh to the feeling / comfort of others.
  8. Do not be aloof in a known or a strange crowd. Don’t hesitate to get self-introduced mutually
  9. Don’t think that your way / idea is the only way, it is only one of the many ways.
  10. Don’t grumble / complain / murmur either in front or back. Don’t hate criticism.

To avoid stress and strain

What you should do:

  1. Accept the situation or the person as it is
  2. Extend an unconditional love to all as nature does to yours.
  3. Get rid or age negative energy and anger which are manifesting in plenty (97%) within.
  4. Keep a smiling face always, smile costs nothing.
  5. Remember stress and strain is the root cause for your physical imbalance too.
  6. Keep your mind working. Recall and write (scribble) anything you want, not necessarily for publishing alone so that your faculty is better off.
  7. Avoid prolonged sitting, TV viewing or resting, keep moving for your routine need, be it to drink water, to answer a telephone call, to switch fan and off.
  8. Do volunteer and serve others including your family members joy shared is joy doubled. Enjoy what you save and accumulate.
  9. Treat everyone as your customer. Customer – satisfaction helps to retain your near and dear.  Avoid emotional conflicts.
  10. Be flexible, ‘magnanimous’ co-operative and open. Move with age groups in clubs, associations, professional bodies. Attend meetings, go on excursions. This will help you to keep away fear, in security (financial, social and help and in loneliness).


What you shouldn’t do: 

  1. Don’t assume or imagine without finding the facts.
  2. Don’t expect anything from any body, in particular from your near and dear.
  3. Don’t fail to stimulate the energy centres gifted to you.
  4. Don’t forget that 4 fingers are pointing towards you when you raise your finger.
  5. Don’t preach or advise when not called for, Don’t be emotional.
  6. Don’t allow your cells of the brain to get rusted.
  7. Don’t expect somebody to do petty things for you. Don’t consider using a hearing aid or a walking stick as a stigma.
  8. Don’t be stingy to allocate your money / time in spending for others / good social cause.
  9. Don’t forget to give others what you expect from others. Don’t forget that all of us are rational persons.
  10. Don’t shy away social professional recreational get-together. Don’t have reservation to vent your views and to sing Bhajans.

Content : Tips to add life to years-Probus Companion of Senior Citizens- M. Singaraja

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