Tips for a Healthy & Safe Diwali

The concept of safety during Diwali celebrations was well emphasised. Let us remember a few points once again, says Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr.Manjushree Naik.   

  • Wear well-fitting cotton clothes while burstingcrackers[ keep the new pavadais and pattu sarees away].
  • Always wear footwear [some of the most difficult burns to treat are those on the sole of the foot-usually occurs by stepping on a simmering cracker.]
  • Do not bend over flower-pots while lightingthem.-Keep the face turned slightly away.
  • Never light a cracker while holding it-always use a lighting stick[holding a cracker and lighting it may seem very macho- but the burns on the hand that may result could be crippling]
  • Do not allow children to handle firecrackers independently without supervision.
  • Do not wear loosely hanging clothes. Secure all clothes properly.
  • Do not bend over cracker while lightening it.
  • Do not touch half-lit firecrackers.
  • Do not throw lighted fireworks, as it may injure passer-by.
  • Do not purchase old, spoiled firecrackers.
  • Do not allow children to stuff crackers in their pockets.
  • Do not encourage children to overplay with crackers. Never allow them to lit any firecracker in hand.
  • Do not allow children to lit firecrackers inside the room or in porch or gallery.

What to do if burns DO occur?

  • Immerse the burned part in tepid water- preferably running water. Pat the burnt area dry and pad it [ not tightly] with soft clean cloth before going into the hospital.
  • If the fire is engulfing the person, pour water toextinguish the flames. If water is not available throw a heavy bed sheet around the person or roll theperson within the carpet.
  • Rememberto remove it once theflames are out-as the thick cloth will retain the heatwithin and deepen the thickness of burn injury.
  • Lastly, DO NOT pour ink or Gentian Violet on a burntsurface. Turmeric powder is another favourite home remedy to be avoided.
  • Superficial burns with less than twenty percent ofbody surface  burnt can be treated on an outpatientbasis . But it requires treatment in the right hands.

Remember- DO NOT NEGLECT BURNS. Wish you all a very Happy & Safe Deepavali!

Pic courtesy: bengalclicker

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