Whats App Review: WebMD Baby

PHN App Review: WebMD Baby

Rated as one of the best apps for new parents of 2012- this weeks’ focus is on Web MD’s new App- WebMD Baby.



  1. Starts with a one-time registration with WebMD to use the App.
  2. Once the account is created- it directly leads you to “Add Baby”- details of your new born can be fed in- Expecting parents can put in details of EDD of a baby.
  3. There are settings that help you to view/edit or add another baby record to your database.
  4. A notable feature is the immediate share option tagged with Facebook.


“Baby 101”– deals with various useful categories like:

  •  Baby & Toddler Care
  • Illness & Emergencies
  •  Just for Moms
  • Just for Dads
  • Parenting Tips
  • Baby Week By Week
  • Ask the Pediatrician
  • Milestones
  • Vaccines
  • Baby Doctor Visits

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Each of the above-mentioned categories features useful articles, tips and suggestions for the new parents. For instance- What to Expect after a C-section, Returning to Work, Tips for How to Bond with babies for the new dads should prove useful.

One very interesting look-up feature is the category Milestones. Every new parent in today’s scenario is excited about every little movement or sound of the baby! And Milestones just help us to compare the growth of our baby with the recommended standards.

Category Vaccines-  serves as a quick reference and look-up for all the essential vaccines that need to be administered to the new-born. In addition to the quick-list, there is a detailed description of each of the vaccines and the need for the same.

  • Journal-The tab Journal deals with the below 6 features that help keep a note of the baby’s growth and every day activities.
  • Baby Book Helps to capture and records baby’s moments and later helps to upload and share.
  • Feeding Helps to create a schedule for every feeding done and also to record the date and time for every feed with a stop-watch like a feature.
  • Notepad-Helps keep a track of important details by adding a note that supports image and video attachments.
  • Sleepsimilar to the Feeding tracker- helps keep a tab on the sleeping pattern of the baby- noting down every intricate detail- like Start and Stop Time and location and also has a feature that helps to e-mail these details for later reference.
  • Growth Helps track the growth of the baby- by inputting details like Height, weight, head CC. Using these details- the app calculates the baby’s growth percentile based on WHO standards.
  • DiaperFeature that helps monitor every diaper change made! Has specific options like Wet/Dry/Both and once the details are entered helps to e-mail them for future reference.

From the Makers:

“WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health and support to those who seek information. The new WebMD Baby app has quick access to the trusted and physician-approved baby health and wellness information anytime, anywhere. Personalised for a baby’s specific age, the WebMD Baby app delivers timely physician approved guidance, helping parents stay informed and one step ahead of their baby’s growth and development. Percentiles are approximate and based on World Health Organisation (WHO) Child Growth Standards data and may not be exact” – WebMD Baby

PADHAM’s Verdict:

A very useful and interactive app for new parents that helps monitor- track and record every special moment in their baby’s. The User Interface also easily appeals to the eye of the user and the cute and colourful background serves its purpose of a baby-related app right!

This app has got PADHAM”s Thumbs Up!

(This app was originally reviewed in the 2013 edition of PADHAM HEALTH NEWS newspaper. Check App for further revisions/updates.)