Basics of Bleaching To Save The Pearly Whites

How is it that a dazzling smile is a permanent fixture on some faces while the majority just sits back and wonders why they haven’t got it? The answer is proper dental care, says Dr Priya Ravi

The minute you feel the need for a toothpick you know it’s time to see a dentist. That way you can avoid not just pain but agony, infection and loss of tooth as well.

Some simple but “sure shot” ways to avoid tooth decay are:

  • Chew your food well
  • Chew on both sides
  • Wash and gargle well after every meal
  • Incorporate a lot of crunchy foods like salads, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Brush twice daily and don’t forget the inner surface of your teeth

Proper brushing is the key to good dental health and brushing twice daily is a sure way keeps that dazzling smile on.

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Facts about the dazzling smile

There have been a lot of queries on teeth whitening. With the advent of modern technology new materials have been infiltrating the market. Bleaching seems to be the order of the day. A lot of home kits are available which are being dispensed over the counters. The dentists best handle bleaching themselves. The procedure involves removal of stains and bleaching the stained portion of the teeth.

The process involves

  • Preparing a tray to fit individual teeth set. (Not prefabricated general sizes)
  • Checking the tray in patient’s mouth and to check proper fit to avoid material seepage over the gums.

Depending on amount of stains, the dentist dispenses material and the patient is taught how to handle the tray and the material. Two or more sittings might be required depending on amount of stains but if executed properly the results last long. Of course,  the patient’s good cleansing and eating habits play an important role. For example on eating food with a lot of colouring like tandoori or beetle leaf patients must rinse and brush well.

Some people react to foods like raw banana and certain yams. If it is identified they can avoid such food preparations or rinse off with a mild abrasive home remedy as prescribed by your dentist. Bleaching frequency is again another question that arises. People who are in the limelight come frequently for bleaching. But for most, it need not be repeated for about 5 years. Bleaching is not recommended for children below 12 years. Hypersensitivity to the material is a contraindication.

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