Senior Citizens

7 Medical Essentials Every Senior Citizen Must Stock Up In Their Homes

In today’s times, when all it takes to order meds- is a call on speed dial or a touch of a button on an app, and you can get all the necessary medical essentials you will need at your doorstep.

However, given the tough times during the pandemic, it is crucial we stock up on some of the basic essentials before so that we are sorted for the tough times. Especially when you have a senior citizen in the house- or if they are alone at home.

In addition to specific ailment- related essentials that you will need like hearing aids, Ryles tube, walker or adult diapers, here are some of the common medical essentials you must have in your homes.

Share this list with an elderly person you care about- each of these will help them in their day-to-day routine. So go ahead- you can also purchase them using the affiliate links we have shared here.

1. Blood Pressure Monitor 

bp monitor

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2. Pill Organiser 

pill organiser

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3. Pulse Oximeter


pulse oximeter

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4. Glucometer


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5. Nebuliser 


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6. Grab Bars 

grab bars

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7. N 95 Face Masks 

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